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Coleccion de Mayo 2015 con los 2 videos de musica mas escuchados de Ying Yang Twins (incluyendo las canciones Shake y U S A) para escuchar y descargar gratis. Al final de la pagina encontraras la letra de la cancion Armageddon, la opcion para escribir tus comentarios sobre Y.Y.T., y 9 albums en CD's (como Usa ), MP3 y discografia para comprar en Amazon. Te recomendamos escuchar los albums y canciones U S A United State of Atlanta y United State of Atlanta, Halftime (stand Up And Get Crunk!) y Fever.

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United State of Atlanta

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United State of Atlanta

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Letra del dia de Ying Yang Twins: Armageddon - Letras de Canciones

yeah,this is the ying yang and we won't to let
u know that every 1000 years some'em happen 999
years done passed we came to last ahh.
its the mutha fucking year of the so let us do our thing yang bring pain d-roc and kane whats up man (we just
want alittle wrestling)its the mutha fucking year of the ying
so let us do our thing yang bring pain d-roc and kane
whats up man.
(verse 1)
ooh.....armageddon what armageddon what armageddon what
armageddon incoming see its ying yang and we a hazzard
we gone get buck enough and get ready for war cuz we hasta
its a disaster cuz them basters they know what slap a h
jack a h crack a h forehead

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