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Coleccion de Agosto 2016 con los 4 videos de musica mas escuchados de Ying Yang Twins (incluyendo las canciones Shake y Halftime (stand Up And Get Crunk!)) para escuchar y descargar gratis. Al final de la pagina encontraras la letra de la cancion Legendary Status, la opcion para escribir tus comentarios sobre Y.Y.T., y 10 albums en CD's (como Naggin Vinyl ), MP3 y discografia para comprar en Amazon. Te recomendamos escuchar los albums y canciones Wham Boom Bam y My Brother Me, Sex Therapy 101 (skit) y Fever.

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Halftime (stand Up And Get Crunk!)
My Brother Me

United State of Atlanta

Wait (the Whisper Song)
Legendary Status Ying Yang Twins..

What S Happnin
Legendary Status Ying Yang Twins..

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Letra del dia de Ying Yang Twins: Legendary Status - Letras de Canciones

kadalack boyz, colli park!
east side
west side
south side
on the streets i'm a legend (legend) in my hood i'm a star (star)
on the streets i'm a legend (legend) in my hood i'm a star (star)
a-town nigga!
mack town nigga!
atl nigga!
on the streets i'm a legend, in my hood i'm a star! (8x)
[verse 1 - homebwoi:]
created in my back pocket,
ya ever know when it might rain,
streets are gettin it,
you know the streets, they made it mayne.
i aint asked it for nothin,
cause it don't owe me shit.
it taught me the game and told me "go get rich!"
20 pounds in a rental car, headed to the mack town,
t-y told me "get the work and make it touch down."
i did that,
made that,
now i'm on my way.
just my luck,
they know it's the texas license plate.
now i got a problem cuz them undercovers onto me,
it's time to bail cause a snitch i will never be
i swear i'm like a fish,
greetin land with a kiss,
did i hit or did i miss?
well it goes like this:
on the streets i'm a legend, in my hood i'm a star! (8x)
[verse 2:]
the hood made me what i am today my nigga.
the hood raisin' up the beat is weight my nigga.
first it showed me the game and then it showed me the money,
designed the code that i live by and told me to run it.
so i start wit the shit plus i was born with the knowledge.
a young wise muhfucka get respect like a prophet,
who can take the game plan, design a ride.
and trust what's in my hand,
and not what's comin out they mouth?
[verse 3:]
i'm a down low nigga so i stay on the ground,
i push mills, push guns, push coke, push pounds.
i got a nine-to-five, kobe, a.k.a. skinny, lil pusha in the hood.
my brother went to jail and left me alone,
found out i had another brother,
pa was a rollin' stone.
my brotha eddie banks taught me the street,
my cousin jewelz showed me how to rip up the keys.
my other brotha hut taught me to do it big,
connected to 3, you get a black hustlin jeep.
connected to gang shit, got the game sick.
money, power, respect, that shit didn't come quick!
on the streets i'm a legend, in my hood i'm a star! (8x)
[verse 4]:
i came up when ice cube was a young nigga,
b.e. was rebellin, in the city with one high school,
but now i'm a legend.
i opened up for chris love and love and ludacris y'all,
seen niggas careers begin, rise, and fall.
what's happenin y'all?
well shit i aint got no one to call.
like when yo ass didnt get no respect if you were in new york.
i'm the nigga to call when in trouble,
lil red clay warrior.
got any nigga pick up the mic and i'm straight destroyin ya.
grip town georgia,
bitch we awful scared,
came up when you didn't get no love if you aint in atl.
i'm the nigga in my city when i'm chillin on the porch,
got the city on my shouldas,
the legend carry the torch.
on ya!
on the streets i'm a legend, in my hood i'm a star! (8x)

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